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Hi sweets! I'm Makare 21 a future fashion designer! I'm a girl with curves and don't forget it! Lol I have another blog called Daisysandcurves.blogspot.com check it out when you can I love Glee,Samcedes,fashion,adventures,once upon a time, Disney etc



    if you dont like Scrubs, youre wrong

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    i dont think i’ll ever stop reblogging this shit

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    Surprise! Naya Rivera Is Married – See Her Wedding Pics →

    Glee star Naya Rivera has found her happily ever after. 

    The actress married actor Ryan Dorsey on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in front of a small group of close family. 

    "We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife," the couple told PEOPLE exclusively. "Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for." 

    Dorsey, who is originally from Charleston, West Virginia, attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts before moving to Los Angeles, where he met Rivera four years ago. Longtime friends, they saw their relationship blossom into a romance shortly after her engagement to rapper Big Sean ended in April. 

    For their nuptials, Rivera, 27, wore a Monique Lhuillier gown while Dorsey wore a Dolce & Gabbana suit. She carried a bouquet of daisies and baby’s breath and the couple exchanged Neil Lane rings. 

    Now back home in L.A., the couple are excited to start their new lives as newlyweds. 

    As they told PEOPLE: “True love always prevails.” 

    For more exclusive photos from the couple’s surprise wedding, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

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Clearer version of Kendall’s Love Magazine cover


    Clearer version of Kendall’s Love Magazine cover

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    Guys, look! A little jiggle! You can see her skin bunch up when she moves! She looks real and healthy! And you know what else? She looks damn fab.

    Yessss! She’s gorgeous!

    Can this be a new thing? Please?

    This needs to be on everybody’s dash

    Always reblog ❤

    Not only do guys need to see this but also girls… You don’t need to be stick thin to be “beautiful” 

    I’d wear it. So cute! She’s absolutely beautiful.

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    All Dates are Official. Movies from Doctor Strange onward are not. This is my speculation to what the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios films will entail, coming off the announcement of the new release dates!

    Superhero movies are taking over the world!!!

    So keen!!

    Ahhhh I really want these to happen 😁😁😁😁

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    I have this entire album on my iPod till this day

    Dance With Me is my jam.

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    Reblog this if you have ever attempted any of the following while you were alone:











    -Using the force



    -The Matrix 



    -Going Super Saiyan

    -Jutsu Hand Signs

    -Spells from Harry Potter


    -Breaking the 66 seals

    -Opening purgartory

    -Turning into a green rage monster

    -Being a synthesized voice program

    -Getting a bunch of bitches to kneel


    Bitch please I do these in public

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    Tucker is so sassy 😂👍

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